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September 28, 2010  Amtrak reveals vision for East coast high speed rail,  AP wire
September 27, 2010  The Infrastructurist,   interesting article on how the upcoming elections could change HSR 
September 20,2010   High Speed Trains Save Time and Fuel, Op-Ed, Patrick Simmons, Director NCDOT
September 13, 2010  Norfolk southern balks at high speed rail route, WRAL
September 12, 2010  Not in my railyard, carrier says,  N&O
September 11, 2010  Norfolk Southern, Raleigh, WAke Forest file comments on high speed rail, N&O
September 9, 2010    DOT to examine alternate routes for high-speed rail , The Independent, Bob Geary
September 8, 2010   The Crowder Plan: Use the High Speed Rail Project to remake the Capital Blvd “Valley”, IndyWeek
September 8, 2010   Do we need high speed rail in Raleigh?   WPTF, Bill LuMaye (with Mayor Meeker)
September 8, 2010   Raleigh asks for more speedy rail options,  N&O
September 8, 2010   Concrete Plants: stay or go?  North Raleigh News 
September 7, 2010   Slowing Down Decision on high speed rail, WUNC radio
September 7, 2010   Train Twists,  N&O Editorial
September 7, 2010   Raleigh City Council Wants More Rail Route Options,  WPTF Radio 
September 7, 2010   Raleigh delays decision on high speed rail line,  NBC17  (note video inset)
September 7, 2010   Raleigh declines to pick route for high speed rail   WRAL
September 7, 2010  Residents cheered by delay in rail decision
September 7, 2010   Council doesn’t endorse high speed rail plan, ABC11, Local News
September 7, 2010   Capital City Mulls High Speed Rail Decision,  N&O, AP
September 7, 2010   Blurb, USA Today 
September 6, 2010   Obama Calls for $50 Billion Spending on Transportation 
September 6, 2010  City Council, DOT review citizen proposals for downtown Raleigh fast-train path, Bruce Siceloff, N&O 
September 6, 2010   Raleigh rail up for a vote, WUNC Radio 
September 5, 2010   Raleigh City Council to Discuss Rail Plan,  Ray Martin, N&O
August 31, 2010        Coverage from our Vote No on NC3 Rally and City Council Public Hearing
                                                       ABC News 11
                                                       WRAL News 14, see video link under “Related”
                                                       NBC News 17
August 31, 2010        Bob Geary Post, The Independent,  new maps of NC1/2 alternative
 August 31, 2010        Stop That Train: DOT says Capital Blvd flyover scheme won’t work.  Bruce Siceloff, N
August 28, 2010        Five Points folks turn against Norfolk southern high-speed rail route.  Bruce Siceloff, N
August 27, 2010        A great Post from Bob Geary at The Independent and information on a new twist on NC1/2 that looks like a great option.
 August 27, 2010       Southeast Seeks $347 Million to Continue Advancing High Speed Rail
August 25, 2010        N&O online news. NCDOT extends Public Comment period to 9/10
August 22, 2010       Article by Ray Martin, N&O.
August 18, 2010        Letter to the Editor from Bob Gilbert, Five Points Resident
August 16, 2010        Another Five Points Meeting Announcement – WRAL
 August 16, 2010        Five Points Meeting Announcement – WRAL TV
August 16, 2010        Clip from NBC 17 News
August 16, 2010        Our Press Release Announcing Five Points Meeting

August 10, 2010        NCDOT Press Release

August X, 2010         City Council announcement of special meeting on 8/31/2010

August, 2010    – Accelerating Amtrak Trains

August 4, 2010          News and Observer – Five Points rail route favored

August 3, 2010         City Council receives task force endorsement for Five Points / Norfolk Southern fast-train path,  Bruce Siceloff, N

August 3, 2010         Raleigh City council hears plans for high speed rail, WUNC Radio

August 3, 2010          News and Observer – Small Towns Fret rail plans 

August 3, 2010          News14

August 3, 2010          Raleigh Leaders Hear plan for High Speed Rail WRAL TV 

August 3, 2010         ABC Local News

August 3, 2010         WUNC Radio, Dave DeWitt, Raleigh City Council Hears Plans for Southeast High Speed Rail

July 29, 2010            News and Observer

July 27, 2010            News and Observer – Raleigh landowners learn more about rail project

July 26, 2010            Rail Hearing Draws Crowd, WUNC Radio, Dave DeWitt,

July 22, 2010            Indy Week

July 12, 2010            WUNC Radio, Dave DeWitt, Rail Meetings On Track

July 11, 2010             N&O, Bruce Siceloff, Fast Train Route Could Detour Raleigh’s Scene

July 6, 2010              NCDOT Press Release – NCDOT Rail Director To Talk with Media About Next Step for SEHSR

June 30, 2010          New study advances 110-mph trains between Richmond and Raleigh.  Bruce Siceloff, N

June 4, 2010            News and Observer – Tracks May Divide Raleigh 

February 16,2010    NCDOT ARRA News Release


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  • 1. David  |  August 28, 2010 at 2:56 pm

    “August 18, 2010 Letter to the Editor from Bob Gilbert, Five Points Resident”

    This is a bad link, it says no page found.


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