Norfolk Southern rejects NC3 route

September 12, 2010 at 10:31 pm 2 comments

As the NCDOT’s Public Comment period drew to a close on Friday, Sept 9th, Norfolk Southern provided a damning commentary on the NC3 route and the Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS) research. 

In summary:  “The Tier II DEIS is seriously flawed, has not been available for public comment, and would not support progressing to a Final EIS at this time”.  In other words, the NC3 route does NOT work!

Read the full and very interesting letter here   Among the many points are: 

Properties Claimed by Eminent Domain

 The DEIS severely underestimates the number of properties that will be affected. 

The DEIS indicates there are zero residential “Relocations” [eminent domain], but there area at least 4 under the NC3 route, and may be many more due to noise and vibration. 

“There are at least eighteen homes within one-hundred feet of the center of the Alternative NC-3 route, eight of which are within sixty feet of the center of this narrow NC-3 corridor. Actual or constructive taking of homes and residential relocation in these neighborhoods is highly likely due to the need for corridor width and to provide for appropriate safety barriers and buffers. In identifying zero relocations for Alternative NC-3, the Tier II SEHSR Draft EIS is incorrect.” 

Noise and Vibration Impact Not Studied

Numerous negative impacts were not studied, including 19 noise receptors later found to be “severely impacted” 

An additional 41 structures (buildings) that would be impacted by the HSR vibration were not analyzed. 

Road Closures

 The DEIS fails to indicate that Georgetown Road would be closed at Wake Forest Road. 

Road closures would fundamentally alter the flow of traffic and isolate the area from major thoroughfares such as Capital Boulevard. 

There is no analysis assessing the impact of closing these roads on the access needed by emergency services. 


While the study states that the NC3 option is approximately $50 million more than NC1/2, that amount does not include an estimated $100 million to acquire property and relocate Norfolk Southern.  (Recall that the Mayor commented last week that he envisions that Norfolk Southern would need to relocate. Hmm, why not CSX too?) 

Impact on Norfolk Southern Business

The impacts on Norfolk Southern’s business would be substantial and were not analyzed at all in the study. The NC3 tracks would cut directly through NS’s Glenwood rail yard interfering with their ability to service their customers, and would also further compound the issue of freight trains needing to yield to passenger trains. 

Day after day, fact after fact, NC3 continues to be the worst option.  Let’s take it off the table and find a better route!  


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  • 2. David C  |  September 13, 2010 at 11:43 am

    Looks like the facts continue to speak for themselves.
    NC3 needs to be discarded. Some of the other options that have been offered up can then be further explored. IF high speed rail must be done, there ARE other, better ways.


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