Last Day! Comments due to NCDOT/SEHSR by Today!

September 8, 2010 at 2:36 pm 1 comment

Send NCDOT Your Specific Comments

Go to: Southeastern High Speed Rail Public Comments.   

Select Section “V”.  

Be aware of the wording of the question:  “In the section you are commenting on, which alternative do you prefer?”   There is no way to say “oppose NC3”, so please select “prefer NC1”.  

List specific comments, reasons and mitigations that are important to you.  Here are a few reminders to get you started:

  1. Section 106 specifies that you can not put the rail line where it will have severe and adverse affects on historic resources – such as Georgetown, Roanoke Park, Roanoke Park itself, Glenwood Brooklyn.  Have you satisfied the Section 106 requirements, and if you believe so,  please detail.
  2. Other than NC1/2 and Nc3, what other options has NCDOT designed and what are the outcomes of those designs and studies?
  3. Given that the Passenger Rail Task Force did not have a Noise and Vibration study on NC3, they did not have complete information and their recommendation should be invalid.
  4. Who paid for the extra Noise and Vibration study conducted on the NC3 route and presented to City Council in late July 2010?  What was the cost?  When was the study conducted? what were the findings?
  5. Contextual Design implications:  any mitigation of noise, sound, vibration and other damaging areas should be mitigated with the best technology available, should include brick or stone masonry in ALL areas  to current AND FUTURE neighborhoods.
  6. The detailed design phase should include presentation of the detailed to the public at a well publicized* Public Hearing with adequate time allocated for public discussion and response.   (*notify all major Raleigh area tv, radio, newspaper, including The Independent, and major blogs, including, Downtown Living Associates, New Raleigh and others.)
  7. While he NCDOT may not have a formal requirement to notify the public of its proceedings, on an issue as important and potentially damaging as this, it is a moral obligation.
  8. When will the results of your summation and responses to public comment be available, in what form and where?
  9. What recommendation did NCDOT receive from the City of Raleigh, City Council?
  10. How does the High Speed Rail route between Wake Forest Road and Peace Street integrate with the proposed Capital Boulevard Corridor?
  11. Who will be responsible for damage to the city’s 104 year old terracotta sewer pipes from the vibrations of additional freight and HSR traffic? How much funding has been allocated for this?
  12. How will NDCOT ensure that funding is appropriated for any mitigations such as sound barriers, landscaping, etc.?
  13. Where will the 2200 (plus) vehicles per day that use Fairview/Capital Blvd access be rerouted and what studies have been conducted to assess the impact on those roads?

Hope that helps get you started….. please let us know if you need more info.  Thanks!


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  • 1. Keith  |  September 10, 2010 at 7:47 am

    When I posted my comments last night, there were 6 options to choose from for section V: VA1, VA2, VA3, as well as the NC options. Are the VA options the ones that have been suggested recently?


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