Last Push! 3 Things to Do Right Now!

September 2, 2010 at 10:30 pm Leave a comment

(1) Insist that City Council take NC3 off the table

Flood the Council’s email by the time they return on Tuesday morning!

Copy and paste this into your email  

Email all at: 

(2) Show up TODAY (Tues 9/7), 1:00 pm  Council Meeting.

City Council scheduled the discussion – and vote  – at the 1:00 pm meeting, rather than 7:00 pm.

High Speed Rail is near the end of the agenda so you could arrive at 1:30.

Take a late lunch, take off work! This is our future at stake!

Let’s pack that Chamber again!

(3) Send NCDOT Your Specific Comments

Go to: Southeastern High Speed Rail Public Comments.   

 Select Section “V”.   Select “prefer NC1”. Add “oppose Option 3″.  List specific comments, reasons and mitigations.

Deadline extended to this Friday, Sept 10, 2010 (maybe we all had something to do with that?).


Entry filed under: City Council, Five Points, High Speed Rail, NC DOT, NC3.

What was the Decibel level in the Chamber? Feel the vibration? If you’d like to contribute to expenses….

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