NCDOT can’t answer our questions…

August 23, 2010 at 5:54 pm 1 comment

Bookmark and Share   You all had alot of great questions at last week’s Five Points Community Meeting on High Speed Rail.  Officials took our questions and submitted them to NCDOT for answers, which were expected back last Friday.  No word yet. Stay tuned.

8/23 pm: Update -just heard that NCDOT doesn’t expect to respond to our questions until Monday, 8/30.  That’s 13 days after they received them.  We would think the group that’s been working on this since 1998 would have answers at the ready.

Here are the questions:

(1) The DEIS showed no difference in noise and vibration impacts between NC1/2 and NC3. A more recent handout from NCDOT-Rail (provided to folks at the July 26 public hearing) indicates greater impacts for NC3, including “severe” impacts for 19 noise receptors and 99 versus 48 vibration-impacted structures.

  • What is the source of these new impact numbers?
  • Where are these noise receptors?

(2) Related, the DEIS claims that increased freight traffic “dominates” the noise and vibration impacts from the project.

  • What assumptions were made as to which alignment would be on the receiving end of the increased freight traffic?
    • Now that we have confirmation that this traffic is going to run on the CSX side, why are the impacts much greater with NC-3?What was alternative “NC3” in the 2002 Tier 1 EIS?  (We thought NC3 was created after the City of Raleigh’s request for an avoidance alternative to NC1 and NC2 in 2008.)

    (3) An assertion was made at the meeting that the entire rail corridor would have “sound walls 30’ high.”

    • What does the sealed corridor mean in terms of walls and fences along the corridor?
    • In urbanized areas, will the entire rail corridor be fenced off?
    • What will be the impacts to adjoining properties?

     (4) There have been general requests for information regarding what noise mitigation might look like in terms of noise walls and such.  Could NCDOT-Rail please provide more information on this topic?


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    • 1. Suzanne Jones  |  August 24, 2010 at 9:40 am

      I agree that NCDOT should be able to answer these questions in a more timely fashion, but quite frankly, we are letting others off the hook? I find it odd the City Planner, City Staff, and PRTF can’t answer the questions! The City is the entity that told DOT to do NC3 anyway. The City Council strategically appointed the PRTF (which, as we all know, not one person came form the 27608) to make the a recommendation….WOW, WHAT A SHOCK? PRTF chose City Council’s preferred alternative…who would have seen that one coming? Perhaps that is why Mr.. Allen and the City Planner were on the defensive from the get go last Monday….”hey, don’t blame us…we are just doing what City Council asked us to do and working with what NCDOT gave us”. I have never seen so much “buck passing” in all my life. IF you are so sure NC3 is the best, or even the “best of the worst”…then put your big boy pants on and be able to speak intelligently to what you propose.


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