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August 18, 2010 at 10:15 am 1 comment

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1) Send NCDOT your specific comments on their online Public Comment form.   We are in Section “V”. Note their question is “which alternative do you prefer?’.  Please write in “Oppose NC3”.  Get ideas for specific comments. Deadline just extended to Sept. 10th 2010!

2) Email City Council  by August 30 (prior to 8/31 hearing):

For both of these, it’s important to say more than “I oppose NC3”,we need to cite specific concerns as NCDOT is required to address each topic of concern.  For example:

  • Noise, noise mitigation, type and height of sound barriers, landscaping? Integration with historic neighborhood?
  • Seizure of property by eminent domain – both homes and businesses.
  • Decline in neighboring property values. Early adjustment in property taxes?
  • Aesthetics – landscaping, lighting, etc.
  • Closure of Fairview at Capital and Georgetown at Wake Forest and the impact on other routes such as Glenwood,Whittaker Mill, Aycock.
  • Impact of vibration HSR trains. Building foundations,plaster walls, utility lines, City’s terrracotta sewer lines.  Mitigation plans?
  • Increased air pollution from freight trains being force to wait for High Speed Rail trains to pass.  High Speed Rail trains with diesel engines.  passing 8 times a day and increasing over time?
  • Integration with the City’s Comprehensive Plan? Light Commuter Rail? Integration with Capital Blvd revitalization plan? Impact of Union Station on downtown?
  • What is the benefit to Five Points?
  • Studies to support all of the above and their impact on Five Points.

Let’s get 1000 comments in to SEHSR/NC DOT!

Let’s GO, say NO!


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Having a hard time picturing it? Check this video. 8/26 Five Points meeting moved to Lutheran Church

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  • 1. Don't Railroad Historic Five Points  |  August 21, 2010 at 12:53 am

    Hi Steve, thanks for letting me know. It’s corrected now. Welcome any feedback you have about the site.

    Carole Meyre


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