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Apparently, earlier today WRAL online reported that City Council had voted for NC3 High Speed Rail route.  They must have realized their error and then updated their report about the Triangle Transit Authority routes for light rail, which will connect various parts of the Triangle.



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Are you getting the news updates?

Be sure to check the Media Coverage section for daily updates of high speed rail news.  If you come across news, please let us know so we can post it for all.

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Still concerned? Write your State-level representatives.

Do you still have concerns about the high speed rail routes?  We do.  Now that City Council has advanced the “NC3” alternative and asked for other options to be explored, the decision rests with NC DOT.  Hopefully, the DOT is considering the significant flaws in the EIS and the missing data on NC3, and realizing that NC3 is not only a risky option, but is also not best for the City. 

Is DOT looking at other alternatives? Whether that includes Ben Kuhn’s concept of running a viaduct over Capital Blvd in front of the Cotton Mill, or Thomas Crowder’s vision of integrating high speed rail, light rail and a Capital Blvd redesign, or perhaps a design concept of their own,some hybrid option is needed.

Can you still help?  Please take a few minutes and send this letter to your State representatives asking them to work with DOT to find a better solution.  Copy and paste this letter into your email, edit if you wish,  and send to:

(1) NC Senate District 16 (Five Points area)
Josh Stein, incumbant, Democrat                   Josh.Stein@ncleg.net

Michael Beezley,  candidate, Republican       mike@votebeezley.com

Stephanie Watson, candidate, Libertarian    stef@goliberty.net

(2)  NC House District 13 (includes Five Points zip codes 27605, 27607, 27608) 

Deborah Ross, incumbant, Democrat            deborahr@ncleg.net          

Madison Shook, candidate, Republican         madison.e.shook@gmail.com

(3) US Senator

Elaine Marshall, candidate, Democrat          info@elainemarshall.com

Richard Burr, incumbant, Republican          Contact form: http://burr.senate.gov/public/index.cfm?FuseAction=Contact.ContactForm 

Michael Beitler, candidate, Libertarian          info@beitlerforsenate.com

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Now What?

Now that City Council has advanced both the NC3 proposal (through the Task Force recommendation)  and asked NCDOT to explore alternatives, we must turn our focus to the DOT and ask them to do the right thing:

1) Take NC3 off  the table! 

As Norfolk Southern’s recent letter clearly explained, there are too many inconsistencies in the EIS, the Task Force process and missing data — much less the eminent domain issues — for this to be a viable option.  

2)  Find a better route

Last week, Thomas Crowder called for a collaborative effort between NCDOT, and other city,state and federal agencies to incorporate the High Speed Rail plan with the redesign of the Capital Blvd corridor.

Therefore, I request the Council propose this partnership fund, carefully study and seriously consider extending the downtown road grid network north along the Capital Boulevard Valley to the intersection of US #1 and Wake Forest Road, aligning the SEHSR Corridor from this intersection south to West Street via an elevated viaduct shared with Triangle Transit lines over a rehabilitated and potentially realigned Pigeon House Branch watercourse integrated into a heavily landscaped urban greenway and a stormwater control system below it, creating the multi-modal transportation infrastructure needed for an urban scale mixed-use, mixed-income expansion of downtown.

While the timelines of the two programs differ, there is a huge opportunity to marry the two into a smart, integrated solution for the future of Raleigh.

Consider this:

If NCDOT does not vet an alternative that works locally and with the federal railroad standards, then NC3 is what’s been proposed by the City.   Granted, a better NC3 thanks to Russ Stephenson and Thomas Crowder’s focus on using the best technologies for mitigation and using brick and other design features to better blend in.  But still NC3 – impacting FIFTY FOUR of our local businesses and, according to Norfolk Southern, AT LEAST 18 HOMES.

What we can all do:

Contact your state and federal level  Representatives. Let them know this is important to you and you want it to be important to them.

We’ll post contact information shortly.

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If you’d like to contribute to expenses….

If you feel we’ve been valuable and made a difference, we’d really appreciate any donation amount that you feel comfortable with to help us cover these costs.  

So far, the group of neighbors behind Don’t Railroad Historic Five Points has spent over $3,000 to help inform the community and fight the NC3 option. 

Printing thousands of flyers and posters, yard signs and frames, direct mail, the Rally at Nash Square required a City Permit, sound  equipment rental, stage rental, etc.   If you’d like to donate, any amount would be greatly appreciated!

(Your donations will be securely handled through PayPal.)


Thank you!

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TONIGHT! High Speed Rail Update

 Just announced!   Southeast High Speed Rail (SEHSR) Project Update

TONIGHT! Tuesday, September 27, 4:00 – 7:00 PM

Raleigh Convention Center, 500 S Salisbury Street

The public is invited to attend a project update meeting to learn about a new rail alternative developed for the SEHSR corridor in downtown Raleigh. 

We expect that the new route will come down the CSX side of Capital Boulevard and cut over to the Norfolk Southern side at the Wade Street bridge, then continue downtown.  However, this s what will be confirmed at this public meeting. Hope you can make it!

Website:   sehsr.org


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Now that you say it, that DOES ring a bell.

Palo Alto, CA City Council voted a “no confidence” in the CA High Speed Rail project and asked State and Federal officials to pull funding from  the LA to San Francisco high speed rail route.  Read the full article here.

And, the Council is considering suing the Rail Authority for an “inadequate environmental report”.

Sound familiar?

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New design alternative!


Concept for Capital Blvd redesign including rail by Devon Tolson, Architect


 Local Architect, Devon Tolson, envisioned using the existing “valley” in Capital Boulevard to create an inviting and functional entrance to the City.  It accommodates the rail lines, includes large green space area, mixed use development with a pedestrian area connecting Mordecai and Five Points.   

Will ask Mr. Tolson how he envisions vehicle connectivity from Five Points and Georgetown areas to the rerouted Capital Blvd.  It’s terrific that local citizens are thinking of how to solve this problem for our City!  

View the full proposal here.

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Front yard parking in discussion

The City Council is considering a proposal that would restrict front-yard parking at most single-family detached houses.  The proposal before the City Council would affect both new and existing front-yard driveways and parking areas.

The City Council’s Comprehensive Planning Committee is scheduled to discuss the proposed front-yard parking ordinance at its meeting on Wednesday, Sept. 15 at 1 p.m. in the council chamber at the Avery C. Upchurch Government Complex, 222 W. Hargett St. The meeting is open to the public.

More information here.

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